About us...

SPADENT Ltd. is located in an advanced equipped and ergonomically designed area in which we use the latest treatment methods and technologies in dentistry.

What makes us distinct on the market is that we have the best experts in different fields of dentistry. Dentists that are domestically and internationally renowned in teaching, postgraduate and vocational training and scientific and clinical work are working at our company.

We are equipped with modern diagnostic equipment that allows us to detect dental problems effectively and quickly in line with global standards. We consider photo diagnostics as indispensable to modern dentistry.

Our patients because of major dental surgery and stay in Croatia, we offer the accommodation in the hotel Varazdin

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restorative dental medicine
hyaluronic fillers
PRP therapy

Naš tim...

Sterilization and disinfection...

Sterilization is a process or procedure used to destroy all types and forms of micro organisms including the most resistant bacterial spores. Sterile means devoid of all forms and categories of life. Sterilization is performed in a drying oven called an autoclave where a sterilizing moist air at high temperature for a predetermined time required for the complete destruction of all forms of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other forms of microorganisms is used.

In addition to disinfection, sterilization and the use of one-time materials, we use general hygienic measures such as proper surgical hand washing, use of masks and shields, and wearing the prescribed work clothing and footwear.
There is also the mandatory use of protective barriers such as masks and facial protectors, the use of disposable materials where possible; disposable latex gloves, masks, pumps, syringes, needles, cups, safety napkins for the patient; all of which are used on an one-time basis for the instruments, as well as disposable bags for sterilizing instruments.

In this way, we provide our patients the highest safety standards.